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Vegla Pune

Shkallë Dhe Skele

Shkalle TS6050 double 2x8

Shkalle TS6 double 2x10

Shkalle TS7 double 2x12

Shkalle TSA4 double multi 2x6

Shkalle TSA5 double multi 2x8

Shkalle TSA6 double multi 2x10

Shkalle TSA7 double multi 2x12

Shkalle TS6160 triple multi 3x6

Shkalle TS175 triple multi 3x8

Shkalle TS190 triple multi 3x10

Shkalle TS205 triple multi 3x12

Shkalle FL42 Rungs 4

Shkalle FL46 Rungs 5

Shkalle HR012 hercules 4x3 12steps

Shkalle HR016 hercules 4x4 16steps

Shkalle HR020 hercules 4x5 20steps

Shkalle K2 folding 2x3

Shkalle K3 folding 2x5

Shkalle K4 folding 2x6

Skele S004XL_XLN 2x8

Skele S006XL_XLN 2x11

Skele PL002

Skele PL003

Shkalle OL2 Olympos 2steps

Shkalle OL3 Olympos 3steps

Shkalle OL4 Olympos 4steps

Shkalle OL5 Olympos 5steps

Shkalle OL6 Olympos 6steps

Shkalle OL7 Olympos 7steps

Skele ST0040 15 Rungs

Skele S005 2x10

Skele S005XL_XLN 2x10

Skele S007XL_XLN 2x13

Skele S008XL_XLN 2x15

Shkalle TS9 double 2x15

Shkalle 1x10 T0030

Shkalle TS10010 double 2x17

Shkalle platforme KP7

Shkalle platforme EP3

Shkalle platforme RD0012 - 2.0

Shkalle smart level PRE TS 2x10

Skele STL206 Stela

Shkalle TS10011 double 2x19

Shkalle TS10012 double 2x21

Shkalle TS220 triple multi 3x14

Shkalle BG2 bergama 2+1

Shkalle BG3 bergama 3+1

Shkalle BG4 bergama 4+1

Shkalle BG5 bergama 5+1

Shkalle HA103 Hazar 3+1

Shkalle HA104 Hazar 4+1

Shkalle HA105 Hazar 5+1

Shkalle Double Multi 2x8 TSA65

Shkalle Double Multi 2x10 TSA95

Shkalle Triple Multi 3x8 TS165

Shkalle Triple Multi 3x10 TS195

Shkalle 1x12 T0035

Shkalle 1x14 T0040

Shkalle TS8 double 2x14

Shkalle 1x6 T6020

Shkalle 1x8 T6025

Shkalle platforme VE5 5+1

Shkalle platforme VE6 6+1

Shkalle platforme VE7 7+1

Skele S004XL-PR 2x8 Premium

Skele S005XL-PR 2x10 Premium

Skele S006XL-PR 2x11 Premium

Skele S007XL-PR 2x13 Premium

Skele S008XL-PR 2x15 Premium

Shkalle platforme RD0012 - 1.5

Shkalle platforme RD0012 - 2.5

Kembe per shkalle 63 001

Kembe per shkalle 75 002

Kembe per shkalle 75 003

Kembe per shkalle 75 005

Kembe per shkalle OL 111

Skele Protube L4

Skele Protube L6

Skele Protube L8

Skele Protube L10

Skele Protube L12

Skele Protube L14

Shkalle acrobat AK011

Platforme per Shkalle acrobat AK011PLT

Shkalle acrobat AK016

Shkalle Homestep 2+1 SGS1162

Shkalle Homestep 3+1 SGS1163

Shkalle Homestep 4+1 SGS1164

Shkalle Homestep 5+1 SGS1165

Shkalle Homestep 6+1 SGS1166

Shkalle Homestep 7+1 SGS1167

Shkalle Prostep 2+1 SGS1172

Shkalle Prostep 3+1 SGS1173

Shkalle Prostep 4+1 SGS1174

Shkalle Prostep 5+1 SGS1175

Shkalle Prostep 6+1 SGS1176

Mbajtese per shkalle RC482

Skele S004XL_FP 2x8

Skele S005XL_FP 2x10

Skele S006XL_FP 2x11

Skele S007XL_FP 2x13

Skele S008XL_FP 2x15

Shkalle me litar 2x15 M1009

Shkalle me litar 2x17 M10010

Kembe per shkalle DA63x17-750-41

Kembe per shkalle DA63x17-750-48

Kembe per shkalle DA63x17-1030-48

Kembe per shkalle DA75x25-1030-48

Shkalle Doublestep 2+2 sgs1182

Shkalle Doublestep 3+3 sgs1183

Shkalle Doublestep 4+4 sgs1184

Shkalle Doublestep 5+5 sgs1185

ProTUBE_ST230_(120) 4.3M

ProTUBE_ST440_(120) 6.4M

ProTUBE_ST240M_(100) 4.4M

ProTUBE_ST480M_(100) 6.8M